Sheet Music

Why would someone who wanted to keep their past a secret choose a life in the limelight? Kyra Martin is determined to get that answer, and all of the answers, to the questions that float around David Tallis. A talented musician he has no history before the age of twelve. As the man doesn’t do interviews since his horrific divorce, she has to get creative to get close and get him talking. How far will she go?

David trusts no one. He has been taught not to and he’s learned his lesson well. When he meets Kyra he hatches a diabolical plan to make her pay for all the sins visited on him by the press. As he falls deeper into a relationship he never expected with Kyra will he be able to put a halt to what he’s set in motion?

Wow. This was an awesome story and I never saw what David’s secret was until he himself revealed it. That was a treat. The shark-like personalities that David and Kyra were illustrated to have faded away as they got to know one another, as it should when soul mates meet. Since both have scars from their pasts (and who doesn’t?) that shadow their perceptions and ability to see clearly there is plenty to keep the story moving. The added confusion of other characters with their own agendas just served to keep them separated. A very hot story that had me pausing to appreciate what I was reading more than once, this is a read that captured my attention as well as imagination and has me anxious to read the next story in the series. A must read.

Book Blurb for Sheet Music

Music journalist Kyra Martin faces the toughest assignment of her career—to write a cover story about enigmatic heartthrob David Tallis. Deadline looming, Kyra plans to go undercover. When she ends up under the covers with the sexy superstar instead, can both her career and their budding relationship survive?

With a closet full of skeletons to hide, and a paparazzi-fueled divorce behind him, David Tallis despises the press. When Kyra Martin bribes her way into his life, her sexy assets have him composing a duplicitous seduction. Ensnared in a media maelstrom of his own making, can David face the music? Or will he lose Kyra, along with another piece of himself?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50