Shared by Wolves

Having picked out her husband doesn’t erase the fact that she’s been sold to the highest bidder.  Her wealthy husband seems harmless, but that impression is radically changed after the wedding.  Ellis Rae Morgan now finds herself in a situation she doesn’t know how to handle, but at the reception on the day of her wedding she meets Duggan Baddeaux.  Instantly attracted, Duggan, alpha of his pack of shapeshifting wolves, knows Ellie is his mate. 

After a violent confrontation, Ellie finds herself free of the monster she married, but now being held by Duggan.  Everyone thinks she is dead, and Duggan wants to keep it that way.  She is his, and he keeps what he owns.  Knowing she has been raised in privilege, he enlists his kinder, more gentle brother to help initiate Ellie into the ways of the pack. 

Intense and violent by nature, it takes all of Duggan’s control to hold back when it comes to claiming Ellie.  A virgin, she presents a problem for Duggan.  Jonathan, Duggan’s brother, a long-time friend of Ellie, has always desired her, but he knew she was meant for his brother.  Between the two of them, all of Ellie’s desires are met.  While she balks at the restrictions she finds herself under, she learns to adapt, because both men are worth it. 

Shared by Wolves is a little different twist on a ménage.  The fact that both men involved are wolves, and they mate for life and are extremely territorial, made for a different paradigm.  Ellie, while innocent, is also very open to her sexuality.  The resulting story, with it’s political posturing within the pack, the possessiveness of Duggan, and the calming influence of Jonathan made for one of the better books I’ve read lately.  Full of erotic tension Shared by Wolves is a book that should be read. 

Book Blurb for Shared by Wolves

Ellis Rae Morgan is being married to the highest bidder. Life shouldn’t be too bad with the one she’s chosen.  She’ll be the pampered show-princess of a wealthy man who doesn’t have a preference for females. Unfortunately, her new husband doesn’t simply ignore women, he has a hidden perversion strong enough to harm them.

Ellie is unexplainably attracted to their powerfully built, gorgeous neighbor. Alpha wolf Duggan Baddeaux knows his neighbor’s new bride is destined to be his pack mate. Duggan takes what he wants, no holds barred. And he wants Ellie.

Duggan struggles to control the violence within. Ellie is used to the pampered life, not constant sex and aggression. How can she possibly feel desire for the monster responsible for kidnapping her from her husband? Perhaps she needs to be initiated into his world slowly. His brother is a patient, more gentle teacher.

An apt pupil, Ellie will be shared by wolves.

Book Length: Short Novel

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00