Set in Stone

Book Length: Quickie

Adversaries but also two of a kind, Sarah Livingston and Jacob Porter compete in the world of real estate. Their competition is fierce, but why is that? Could it be they are fighting against their feelings for one another?
When both Sarah and Jacob are locked in a haunted house full of erotic statuary by their host, they are helpless against the burning desire they feel for one another and finally submit to their feelings. But they are not alone in the house with the sad history of its former owner and his fiancé. Could it be the ghostly beings are influencing them?
This was a hot quick read and I loved the matchmaking ghost. All some people need is a nudge, and as far as nudges go, this was creative and erotic. When the two finally connect, they set the sheets on fire. Sarah is afraid and cuts Jacob off at the knees to avoid having him do the same to her first, but he perseveres. When their confrontation comes, they are both rewarded in more ways than they can imagine and are left with the certainty that love lasts forever. 

Book Blurb for Set in Stone

Sarah Livingstone is the highest-producing agent at Elite Real Estate. She will do just about anything to beat out Jacob Porter, the owner of a rival firm. Competing with him is her way of keeping him at arms length, because if he ever gets close, her defenses will crumble.

When they find themselves locked inside a haunted house full of erotic statuary, both are consumed by lust and seduced by the romantic setting. Sarah can no longer deny her desire and melts into Jacob’s arms. But are their feelings real or figments of their imaginations?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.50