Sitting alone in a chair during a storm, Grace reflects on her life and the different choices she would have made. The road not taken, the words not said, the knee-jerk reaction that hurt the one she loved. To do it all over again would be a dream come true. And that’s what her fairy godmother gives her, the opportunity. When she wakes up after a fall on the day before the tragedy that ended her chance of a life with the one man she would ever love she’s determined to do everything differently and not be afraid. 12 hours won’t be enough but it will have to do. Another chance to be with Jared is worth any pain.

I loved the ending to this story and let’s face it; going in we knew it would end well or what would be the point? What I wasn’t expecting was the surprise Jared had planned for Grace’s birthday, or the two sides of their loving relationship. Jared’s confusion as to the changes he noted and Grace’s desperation added drama and mystery. As things unfolded I too felt the years of pain that Grace endured. She had it all and one miscalculation ended it. Food for thought.

Book Blurb for Seniorella

Once upon a time, Grace loved a dominant man. But when Jared asked for too much, she ran away. And paid dearly for thirty years. Now a birthday wish has landed her in the past and back in Jared's bed. This time there's nothing she won't do for him.

But there's a catch. The clock is ticking on Grace's youthful body and she has only hours to explore the erotic delights of her own submission with Jared and his friend Alec before the clock strikes twelve, returning her to a lonely future. How stupid to wish for just one night — she should have gone for happily ever after!

Fortunately, fairy godmothers usually have contingency plans…

Reader Advisory: Seniorella contains a male/male sexual encounter and emotional relationship.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00