Send Her to Me

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Send Her to Me

Call her a redneck, but Kelli lacks the sophistication and aura that the other women who hang around the pool at the townhouse do. Visiting her cousin while interviewing for jobs, Kelli catches the eye and heart of Carter Banks. He's attracted to her honesty and openness; something lacking from all the other women who surround him every day. He thinks she may be the one, but he holds off telling her the truth about who he really is just a little too long. Betrayed by his lack of trust and the fact that he withheld a major part of himself from her she calls it quits. But it's killing them both to be apart. Can they find middle ground again?

I was really attracted to the teaser for this story but unfortunately it didn't provide what I'd hoped. It had a story line that was a little weak since both Kelli and Carter created all the drama and angst themselves. The more I read the more I thought they deserved one another. Each had their reasons, but they weren't excuses and that's what they used them as for childish behavior and the constant testing they put one another through. While they got their HEA, it was the long road there when a shorter trip would have been just fine.

Book Blurb for Send Her to Me

Kelli Godfrey believes in small town pride and holds onto the virtue that a person has but only one thing of value to give—trust. If you can’t be a person of your word, then you aren’t a person worthy of loyalty.

Carter Banks holds a tight rein on his personal life. Even the lawyers in his firm must sign a confidentiality clause before obtaining a position within his brokering firm. But when he finds the love of his life and loses her, how will he handle seeing her with another man? What will he do? He has two choices: fight for her like a Neanderthal, or let her go and be happy—and pray he doesn't die from the heartache.

Heat Leve: Scorching

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 3.25