Seeing with the Heart

A Kindred Tales Novel

Once again Evangeline Anderson has written a book that entertain as well as educates. I loved that the relationship between Braxx and Molly was born of emotions and chemistry, not looks. Since Molly is blind, it frees Braxx from his insecurities about his scars and allows him to embrace what he feels as real, since Molly can't possibly reject him based on his appearance.

"Seeing with the Heart" starts out with the promise of Molly studying another species, and Braxx ends up her escort. The Hive is blessedly absent, but they loom in the background. As Braxx and Molly stumble through the culture of the people Molly is studying, they are thrown into situation after situation that enforces intimacy, thus fostering their budding relationship. The author excels at world building and this is again no disappointment. The duo are put through the emotional wringer and the reader is taken along for the bumpy ride.

As with all of the Kindred books, there is plenty of foreplay but the consummation is held off for quite a while. The anticipation builds and that is what I so enjoy about this series. We have another couple brought together by the power of the Goddess, and she is never wrong.

Book Blurb for Seeing with the Heart

Alien Warrior BBW Science Fiction Blind Heroine Romance

Seeing with the Heart is a Kindred Tales Novel set in the Brides of the Kindred universe

A warrior with a tragic past who has scars on both his face…and his heart

A beautiful woman, blind from the age of sixteen.

When they meet, the attraction is sizzling but when Molly regains her sight, will Braxx turn away from her? Or can she convince him she isn't looking with her eyes…but Seeing with her Heart?

Braxx is a Beast Kindred with a painful past. A traumatic crash stole his brother and his bride from him and left half of his face horribly scarred. Desperate to avoid the pitying and disgusted looks he gets whenever he goes out, he takes a job as a scout, travelling across the universe to find new trade partners and power sources for the Kindred. He thinks he'll never love again until he comes back to Earth and meets Molly.

Dr. Molly Reynaud has a doctorate in Cultural Anthropology. She's also completely blind and has been since a car accident stole both her parents and her sight at the age of sixteen. Chosen to do a field study on the elusive Tal'ossi people from Tal'os Trenta, she doesn’t expect to have feelings for the Kindred warrior who is supposed to guard her there. But she can't seem to help the instant connection she feels to Braxx and she knows he feels the same for her.

But he's scarred on the inside too and he tells himself such a perfect female isn't for him.

Then the unthinkable happens--Molly is kidnapped by the Deep Dwellers of Tal'ossi and taken down to the subterranean depths as a bride for their leader. Braxx must go after her and suddenly the idea of claiming turns from a wish to a necessity.

Can Braxx overcome his tragic past and save the woman he loves? And can Molly convince him they belong together? Both of them will have to practice Seeing with the Heart or they will be parted forever…

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.50