Seducing Serena

Shifting Passions 1

Leaving the only home she’d known seven years ago was the last thing Serena wanted to do, but it was necessary to protect the men she loved.  Now, broke, tired, and ready to give up she’s drawn back to the one place she was ever happy.  Taking one last look she goes to meet her maker, not knowing her men are right behind her and have no intention of letting her go ever again.

Brady, Asher and Damon have had a hole in their lives where Serena was.  No other woman comes close to her or even tempts them.  They wait for her return, always looking for her, and are amazed that she just looks at the house from the road and then drives off.  Tearing after her, they will bring her home to them, where she belongs, and will help her finally fulfill her destiny as their mate.

While some parts of this story left me thinking “huh” it was a good read.  I had to suspend common sense a few times, but this is fiction.  There was a mystery that wasn’t easy to figure out, and the encounters between Serena and her men were hot, if a little tamer than I expected.  The reader was left hanging a little at the end, but that’s what sequels are for.  A solid read.

Book Blurb for Seducing Serena

Serena Patterson has been on the run for seven years. Now, broke, tired, feeling defeated, she feels drawn to the home she'd left so many years ago and the three brothers she loves so much.

Giving in to her instincts, Serena returns, but only for one last glimpse of the Turner boys, Brady, Asher and Damon. She knows that if she actually makes her presence known, she'll be putting their lives into as much danger as her own has been all those years. Serena makes a decision. She is the one they're after. With her out of the way, danger will be averted from her brothers.

The Turner men are overjoyed that Serena has finally returned home to them, only to watch in consternation as she drives away again. They will not let her get away from them this time, for she doesn't know her first transformation is about to happen, and it can only happen if she mates with them.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 3.75