Seducing Sampson

Book Length: Quickie

Remember that guy, that hot unattainable guy, you had a crush on as a teen? To this day you think of him and sigh. What if? What if he felt the same, and all that was holding him back was his honor, his respect for your family, and his desire for you to experience life before claiming you as his own? What if?
Bella has loved Sampson since her brother brought him home at the age of six. She’s now a woman, and she’s made a decision to get what she wants, and Sampson better watch out. She’s ready to fight dirty to get what she wants, and what she wants is Sampson. 
Sampson wants to be caught. He’s had feelings for Bella forever. But now it’s time to take things to the next level, and when he next sees Bella, he’s going to take her and what’s more, he’s going to keep her.  
I totally loved this short story. It’s the happily ever after for every girl who had an unrequited crush. For that alone, you should read it. The fact that it is hot and sexy as hell is another!

Book Blurb for Seducing Sampson

Bella Marquetti has always wanted one man, Sampson, but he has made a habit of walking away from her. When her brother Angelo goes away with his girlfriend, Bella agrees to apartment sit for them. And plans for seduction are definitely in order when she discovers Sampson on the other side of the door. But Sampson’s days of walking away are long over, leaving Bella to wonder just who is seducing whom.


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50