Seducing Reagan

Stifled in her current relationship, not to mention bored, Reagan breaks up with her boyfriend of three years. The consensus is she needs to experience some phenomenal sex and all she needs is a volunteer. How about three volunteers?

When her best friend makes a suggestive phone call to the owner of her favorite coffee shop, Reagan is mortified. Surely he won’t take her up on it and show up at her door? Not only does he show up, he brings his two brothers who co-own the shop with him. Reagan is about to experience the ultimate in personal service.

This was a fun fantasy. We’d all be kicking out the boring boyfriends if we could be guaranteed this kind of recovery. A total suspension of reality that did what it was supposed to do. Entertain. If you are looking for a sweeping romance, this isn’t it. But it is fun and steamy.

Book Blurb for Seducing Reagan

Length: Quickie
After three years of mediocre sex (he always wore white socks to bed!), Reagan breaks up with her boyfriend. Her best friend says she needs to experience some great sex—and helps out by making a call to the gorgeous guy who runs the local coffee shop. She places an order of coffee and beignets to be delivered to Reagan’s house the next day. She just doesn’t know that Brett’s two brothers co-own the shop with him, and the three of them believe in personal service.
Much to Reagan’s surprise, Brett, Derrick and Dane all show up on her doorstep with a lot more than just coffee. What happens next is wild and passionate sex, unlike anything Reagan has ever experienced.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.50