Seducing Her Brother's Best Friend

Cayla has finally reached the age of consent and thank goodness. She’s been trying to catch Kane’s attention forever, but now it’s “legal.” When he fails to take a hint, she takes charge. And gets all she’s ever dreamed of and more.

Kane just noticed one day that Cayla was no longer a child, and he couldn’t do a thing about his attraction due to his fealty to her brother, his best friend. It’s just not done, especially when the sister is a decade younger. She’s a child and he’s been there and done way more than she can ever dream of. He’s just not good enough for her, but when presented with the gift she offers him, he finds himself in a position he never thought he’d find himself; under a woman’s spell.

Loved this quick read that is every teenage girl’s fantasy. I thought the older brother’s reaction was a bit overdone, but hey – he knows a lot about Kane that we don’t, and it was hinted he had quite the past. That said, what it lacked in romance and flowers it made up for with passion and emotion and an ending I really thought was well-done. This is a guilty pleasure I think I’ll be reading again.

Book Blurb for Seducing Her Brother's Best Friend

Kane Montgomery is the only guy Cayla Reinhart ever wanted. He was big, tattooed, pierced, and the one she craved to give her virginity to. It didn’t matter that he was ten years older, or her brother’s best friend. But seducing him before she goes to college proves harder than she thought.

It isn’t until the summer his best friend’s little sister turns eighteen that Kane realizes he wants her badly. She shows far too much skin, and her body could bring him to his knees. When he finds himself alone with her one night there is no way he can deny her or himself. Being with her might be the very worst idea he has ever had, but it was also the most undeniable.

The only problem now is telling her brother he has no intentions of letting her go.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00