Seduced by Danger

Book 6 Magical Seduction Series

Michael Corsi is Malandante. He has the added cachet of being born evil. Then why is his heart and soul wrapped up in Cara? And the son they had together? Breaking free of his past, protecting Cara and their son, and killing the men who pursue the mother of his child are all that matter now. He’s eliminated four of the men and has one more to go, but he’s tired. He needs to see Cara and their son one more time before he makes his last kill. And since to succeed in his quest he bought a spell to make himself invisible to his enemies, with his life as the power, his time is running out. 
Cara is querciola, Etruscan succubus. They feed off sexual interaction. Their kind was never supposed to reproduce, but she and Michael had Aron. When Michael suspected she was pregnant, he faked her death and hid her. But she’ll never be safe. Michael has vowed to kill the men who would seek to recapture her. That’s great and all, but what she wants and needs is him. And she’ll do anything to keep him safe and with her, even if she has to entwine their souls. 
I know it’s not very polite, but I found it uber romantic that Michael would, and had, killed to keep Cara and Aron safe. Two people who thought they would never be in love find themselves hopelessly so. Both afraid to admit it for fear of pushing or scaring the other away, they tap dance around it. This wonderful story was very hot, emotional, and romantic. With subtle hints and teasers I see the possibility of more books in this series in the future, and I certainly hope so. 

Book Blurb for Seduced by Danger

Book six in the Magical Seduction series.

A man will do just about anything for love—even kill. Four down, one to go. Michael Corsi is on the trail of the last man who made life a living hell for his lover. But first, he wants one last reminder of what he’s fighting for. He needs to see his woman and his son before he goes up against his toughest foe. And probably to his death.

Michael is the father of the son Cara never expected to have. The man who brought her a love she never expected to feel, and a passion that she can’t—won’t—live without. She’ll do whatever it takes to be sure Michael returns to her—even it means tying him to her very soul.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00