Sazerac Seduction

Remy has been sent on a mission by his father to save Crawdaddy’s. A landmark of sorts, his father is a silent partner in the bar/bordello and it is being threatened by an environmental attorney claiming an endangered bird lives there. Not opposed to "dumming down" to achieve his goal, the gorgeous lawyer manipulates events until Cyn LeBlanc, the attorney in question, is on his pirogue and headed to his little cabin in the bayou. There he will detain her however he must. The things he is willing to do for family…..

Cyn is using the excuse of an endangered bird to close down Crawdaddy’s as a ruse to cover up her real mission. Her cousin is missing and she fears the worst. She only needs the establishment closed long enough to investigate. But then she meets a backwoods trapper too sexy for words. And finds herself willingly being detained and exploring the man and the feelings of freedom to explore her repressed sexuality. Too bad she can’t keep him…..

The physical description of Remy is enough to make a girl swoon, but add in the Cajun talk? I was a goner. The story focused on the attraction between Remy and Cyn, and the mystery of Cyn’s cousin added to the intrigue and encouraged trust and more than sex to develop between the two. A spicy story that will make any straight-laced woman sigh in envy, most women will be tempted to take the mental image of Remy out for a spin once in a while. My first experience with this author, I will be sure to be checking out her backlist.

Book Blurb for Sazerac Seduction

Promising attorney and heartthrob, Remy Allemande, needs to find a way to keep an environmental attorney out of the courtroom. At least until he can figure out why she wants to shut down Crawdaddy’s, an infamous bayou bordello. One look at the opposing counsel and Remy decides seduction is the only solution. Not only will that satisfy his client’s needs, it’ll take care of his own.

Cyn LeBlanc doesn’t really have a case. She just needs to shut down Crawdaddy’s long enough to see if her working girl cousin is being held there against her will. When she accepts a ride on a trapper’s pirogue, Cyn becomes trapped herself, in the arms of the sexiest man she’s ever seen. Remy ignites a fire in her body as well as her soul. They drink Sazerac and a hundred-proof seduction ensues.

But what will happen when she finds out he’s not some backwoods trapper? Will their battle in the courtroom spill over to the bedroom? And will the scales of justice balance or will she lose her heart?

My Readers: You need a fan just looking at Remy. He’s the type of man all women hope for and all women fear. This gorgeous Cajun is sex personified. But straight-laced Cynthia is more worried about losing her heart than her inhibitions.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00