Saved by Venom

Grabbed 3

My favorite in the series so far and I’ve loved them all. I felt the author took more time to let Venom and Dizzy get to know one another before the shit hit the fan, so to speak. Granted, there was a lot going on in the background as in all the books, all with the ongoing theme of terrorist factions and their relationship to our heroines. Dizzy was a child of privilege until a bombing that killed her mother and left her with medical problems. When she is forced to participate in the Grab it is with the intention of getting caught, not escaping. That was a different twist right there, and add in the predicament Venom found himself in and this had a totally different feel from the previous two books.

Venom had a horrible childhood, as revealed in the book as he and Dizzy try to connect on a level deeper than chemical attraction. This directs a lot of Venom’s actions, but instead of both going off angry they communicate and work things out together. Hallelujah! With so many yummy options for more books I hope this series continues for a long time to come. Very steamy with a lot of guilty pleasure thrown in like BDSM, rope play and submission this book had me on the edge of my seat. A must read.

Book Blurb for Saved by Venom

To escape her father's debt to a loan shark, Dizzy seeks refuge in the upcoming Grab. She'd rather belong to one of those terrifying sky warriors from the battleship Valiant than to the sleazy criminal who wants her as his plaything.

The years of constant war haven't been kind to highly decorated sniper Venom. Only the promise of earning a wife kept him going through deadly battles. Catching and collaring Dizzy fills him with incredible hope. Finally he has a woman of his own, a mate to love--and bind and adorn with his ropes.

After a brazen Splinter attack, the Shadow Force uncovers secrets about Dizzy's late mother that entangle her in a web of deceit. To save Venom, her father and an operative named Terror, Dizzy digs deep and risks it all.

Venom refuses to stand idly by while Dizzy's haunted past threatens the future they're trying to build. He finally has a reason for living--and he's not giving her up.

A Romantica® BDSM sci-fi romance from Ellora's Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50