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Sometimes the past can't be forgotten. Sela has a history with Rome and it's looking her right in the face the night of their high school reunion. With a vicious breakup behind them, which we later find was manufactured by their families, their attraction to one another can't be denied. When Rome offers a no strings weekend, Sela agrees. What has she got to lose? Rome has always had her heart.

Rome is determined this time nothing will get between him and Sela. The past is just that, and he's only interested in moving forward. But his family needs him, whether they want to admit it or not, and as he's been absent for years he's more than willing to help them now that they will accept what he can give. But will family ties once again strangle his relationship with Sela?

I enjoyed this story a lot but it had so many flaws in editing and grammar that it really distracted from the story. There were also problems with continuity as to location or clothing worn that also made me stop, and sometimes even go back through to the parts I'd read just to confirm my confusion. A good editor easily rectifies these problems, but more and more I'm reading books that seem to be directly from the author's computer. Is this the fault of the writer or the publisher? I don't know, but it really interferes with the reading experience.

That said the story of Rome and Sela had such promise and at times delivered. The sex was hot and steamy, but I got whiplash over who was mad at whom, who was in love and who was withholding that information to inflict pain or doubt. These two had some serious passive aggressive tendencies. In reality I would have probably given this book a higher rating if not for the difficulty in reading and that's unfortunate. This is the first book I've read by this author and she shows the ability to generate a compelling read.

Book Blurb for Satisfaction Guaranteed

During their high school reunion’s after-party, Sela Newton agreed to play Seven Minutes in Heaven with Rome Vicenza. She knew it was a mistake, but she wanted him then just like she wants him now. Ten years have passed and Rome still has the ability to make Sela's heart and body flutter with one heated look. Then he offers her one night, satisfaction guaranteed: he owns her body, and she'll have the best sex of her life. It's as much of a mistake as it was ten years ago, she knows it must be, so why can't she say no? And when it's over, will the one night be enough to purge him from her system, or will she go back again for more?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.75