Sam's Promise

Blackwater, Book 1

Sam and his brothers owe Wanda their very lives. She and her husband Chet adopted all five of them years ago and raised them as their own. Now it's time to give back when their adoptive mother needs them most. After Wanda has a heart attack and confesses to a failing business, Sam and his brothers have a mission to save Blackwater Diner, their family restaurant.

When he first meets his mom's waitress Julie Rose at the family Thanksgiving Dinner he's instantly attracted and tries not to show it. But he has to man up or one of his brothers will claim the curvy beauty. And that just won't do. While juggling being in charge of the revamp of the family business he also tries to avoid his mother's machinations of the romantic kind while still pursuing Julie. Given a little encouragement his mother will be picking out flowers for the wedding. But after spending time with Julie both in and out of bed he has to wonder if that's such a bad idea.

Julie put her family first and is just now starting her life. Men and dating were left behind in high school after she dedicated herself to her terminal grandmother. Her first interest in a man is moving way too fast but Sam isn't backing off. He may send a few mixed signals but his intent is clear. Does she dare let him in?

What a warming love story! Family at the top of the list of values both Julie and Sam were raised with serves them well. With just a taste of the other four brothers this promises to be an engaging series with the dual story lines of the revival of the family restaurant as well as all the single men finding their mates. While Sam and Julie are just average people we see that they have a darker side in the bedroom. Without any big drama to split them up this was a refreshing look at a normal every day romance with a spicy edge. I look forward to more.

Book Blurb for Sam's Promise

This Thanksgiving comes with all the fixings…and something extra hot.

Sam Jennings promised his father he’d always take care of the woman who yanked him and his four brothers out of foster care. When his adoptive mom has a near-fatal heart attack, Sam knows it’s past time to live up to his word.

As he sets out to put the Blackwater Diner back on its feet, he runs into his first snag. Waitress Julie Rose’s sweet curves and long legs are driving Sam to distraction. Even his brothers aren’t immune to her kind heart. But Sam is determined to be the only man in her bed.

Julie doesn’t regret the years she lost caring for her grandmom, but now, between business classes and her job, she’s left with very little time and energy for dating. Then there’s her policy about never getting mixed up with the boss’s son. But Sam’s hard body and wicked ideas have Julie forgetting all about annoying things like rules, and she accepts his invitation to show her all she’s been missing.

Sam is more than willing to take things slow as he teaches her all about the pleasures of the flesh. Luckily for him, Julie is a darned good student…

Warning: Contains explicit language, a sexy carpenter, and extra helpings of naughty fun under the stars. Heat and increased heart rate may help burn off extra holiday calories.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00