'Roo and the Angel

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'Roo and the Angel

Furry United Coalition Book 7

What defines a monster? If it's appearance we are all going to be confused. The real monsters in this book hide in plain sight, while the good guys would be chased with a torch. The irony.

Jeb and Nevaeh meet under less than ideal circumstances. Her being locked up in a cell and all, but that is changed when Jeb rescues Nevaeh and follows his instincts to hide her. What ensues is a roller coaster of adventure, bad decisions, and sexual tension. And wings. Nev thought she was volunteering for another legitimate drug trial with reimbursement and instead ending up being altered and imprisoned. Jeb and his family storm the facility looking for another but end up destroying the facility. Except Nev, he hides her in his childhood tree house. How cute is that?

General mayhem and posturing proceed as the reader tags along for all the insecurities and blossoming love between Jeb and Nev. A good addition to the series, with lots of humor and the worst mother ever.

Book Blurb for 'Roo and the Angel

What idiot decided to make the Jones boys official agents with a license to F.U.C.?

Jeb did something bad. And no, he didn’t murder anyone—recently. Nor did he put itching powder in his brother’s jockstrap—again. He did, however, smuggle a test subject out of an experimental lab against orders.

In his defense, he saved an angel.

At least that is how Jeb sees Nevaeh with her shadow wings. She’s a maiden in need of rescue and a sweet girl—until you get on her bad side. Then things get really interesting—and violent. Which might be kind of why everyone is so interested in getting their paws on her. And don’t get him started on A.S.S. shaking its tail feathers, too.

Everyone wants a piece of his angel. Know what he says? Too bad. So sad. Because this stubborn ’roo has decided he wants her as his mate.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2019 4.50