Rocky Mountain Haven

Six Pack Ranch, #2

Moving herself and her small boys to the small town of Rocky Haven, Beth is on her own. She’s left her parents and the bad memories associated with her now deceased abusive husband behind. She’s cautious of all men, and may never be ready to try again. But then she meets Daniel Coleman, and her dormant libido wakes up and takes notice with a vengeance.

Part of the six-pack, Daniel is a middle child in the crowd of six brothers. He’s always acted as peacemaker and been the quiet subdued brother. But when he meets Beth, he’s overwhelmed at what the skittish woman makes him feel. She and her three boys draw him like a magnet and he sets out to woo her until they both end up in bed, or at least someplace quiet that they can be alone and explore what’s happening between them.

When Beth decides to go for it, she makes it clear she’s just interested in sex. But Daniel insists that friendship be part of the package. As they get to know one another, their passion for one another takes them both by surprise. As Beth learns to trust again, she also has to learn to trust her own judgement.

What I enjoyed most about this story was Daniel and how he interacted with Beth’s boys. His anger and rage at how the boys were treated by their father spoke most about the kind of man he was, and how he handled the boys and their fear was touching. Seducing their mother went right over their heads, except for the oldest. He had an eye on Daniel through the entire book and that was cute. The unusual places Beth and Daniel had to find to be together intimately made for an entertaining read, and the encounters were hot and erotic accordingly. A great story of faith and personal renewal, and that a happy ending can happen to even those who never thought they’d have one.

Book Blurb for Rocky Mountain Haven

It's the quiet ones that take you by surprise.

Beth Danube's emotionally abusive husband is dead and buried. So is her heart. It's no big deal, she has all she wants: her three little boys and a fresh start in a small Alberta town. What she doesn't want is another man in her life-not now, maybe not ever.

After ten years of unsatisfactory, missionary-position sex, she never expected her libido to reawaken. One look at sex-in-boots Daniel Coleman in a Calgary bar, though, blows the dust off her sexuality.

Sensing an edge of desperation, even fear, beneath Beth's come-on, Daniel finds himself giving in to the powerful urge to let his normally subdued desires run wild. The lady wants non-judgmental, non-vanilla sex? She's got it-in and out of the bedroom.

At first, friends with blazing-hot benefits is more than enough. Then she realizes Daniel is burning away the protective fortress around her heart.and the guilty secret she dare not reveal.

Warning: One woman determined to retake control of her life, a man with the single-minded purpose of offering her-and her body-everything she needs. Inappropriate behavior in barns, change rooms, and oh-my-gawd phone sex with a cowboy.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.00