Rivals for Love

Hayden is living a charmed life. A job she loves leads her to meet the man of her dreams. Until he disappears and her life becomes a nightmare. Distraught and inconsolable, she turns to her friend Luc. He’s always cared for her, would have made a move if that bastard Sawyer hadn’t cut him off. Now with Sawyer gone, he goes after Hayden with a singular purpose. He’s about to achieve his goal of having the woman he loves by his side as his wife when Sawyer shows back up. And wants Hayden back.

Sawyer had what he thought was a good reason for disappearing from Hayden’s life. But he can’t stand the separation any longer and goes back for his woman. But she’s moved on, as he intended, and now his work is cut out for him as he battles his nemesis since school for the one woman he can ever love.

Wow. The author did a phenomenal job showing all three sides of the story. I really couldn’t pick one of the men I wanted to win although they both royally disgusted me a couple of times. But I guess that was the point. If I couldn’t choose, how was I supposed to expect Hayden to?

While not your average love story, that being of a monogamous relationship between two parties, this really focused on the struggle of loving two men and how that affects someone. Hayden had health issues to start, but this just exasperated them to the point of her almost dying. That being the catalyst for both men to stop working against each other and instead be a team in their joint goal of winning Hayden. Pretty mature for two men who act like Neanderthals throughout the majority of the book, but this is fiction.

Rivals for Love was a poignant look at the guilt and misery Hayden punishes herself with as she tries to rectify her desires with what is accepted as the norm in society. While a green little part of me hated her for her good fortune, as I’m sure her friends felt as well, a larger part of me hoped for an agreeable resolution to end all the characters pain and suffering. Very emotionally compelling, this was an erotic read while at the same time a story of sacrifice for the one you love. Even if you love two.

Book Blurb for Rivals for Love

Hayden Sinclair has it all: a job she loves, supportive friends and a drop-dead gorgeous boyfriend. She should be happy—and she should say yes when Luc proposes marriage. But one thing stands in her way: Sawyer Underwood, her impossibly sexy ex, who disappeared almost a year ago.
When Sawyer returns, he has one goal in mind: to win Hayden back, and away from his long-hated rival, Luc. Sawyer's willing to do anything it takes, and he'll use all his powers of persuasion to convince Hayden that he's the man for her—especially in the bedroom. But Luc's not willing to give Hayden up without a fight!
As the two men battle for Hayden's affections, she is torn between them. If only they could reach a compromise—then maybe she wouldn't have to choose...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75