Riding Out the Storm

Jody Rush had a fabulous night with the man of her dreams not too long ago.  Too bad he ran out on her like his ass was on fire.  Logan Mitchell, who just happens to be her best friends brother, is not only the many of her dreams, but the best sex she’s ever had.  Unfortunately, after their night together, he’s avoiding her like the plague.

Driving in the rain to spend a girls weekend in the mountains, Jody instead finds herself in a ditch in the middle of a major rain storm.  And who should come to her rescue but Logan Mitchell.  As proof of life’s ironies, Jody now finds herself holed up in a cozy cabin, possibly for days. Whatever will she and Mitch do?

Thinking Logan was just being a man when he left, she’s about to find out the real reason for his speedy exit.  Can she handle what Logan really needs from a relationship?  Can Logan handle it if she does?

Steamy and erotic, Logan and Jody steam up the pages with their discoveries about one another.  A little dip into the world of Dom/sub, well explained and portrayed as a loving relationship, was well written and missing any dark and creepy edges.  Just because Jody didn’t go looking for a different kind of relationship didn’t mean she didn’t want it all along; she just didn’t know it. A different kind of love story, with an edge, that will keep you reading until the end.

Book Blurb for Riding Out the Storm

After years of longing for her best friend’s brother, Jody Rush unexpectedly spent the night with hot, sexy Logan Mitchell. Hours of scorching sex made her pulse race and her body heat. She doesn’t understand why, afterward, Logan avoids her like the plague.
Then a storm of epic proportions throws them together in an isolated cabin, and Jody realizes she’s only had a small taste of the exotic, erotic ways Logan enjoys sex. As the storm rages outside, a comparable one explodes inside the cabin. There is nothing they won’t try, nothing they don’t enjoy. But Jody can’t help but wonder what will happen when the storm is over…

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.50