Ride to Ecstasy

Nothing more than a commodity on her world, and a pretty useless one at that, Karena has been working to escape her dismal future. Able to escape just in time she finds herself stranded on a desert world where the men outnumber women. She is to be fought over until she accepts two mates and will never be allowed to leave the planet. When two men reach her before any others, she’s shocked and relieved to see the faces of the two men who have been seducing her in her dreams. Could this be her destiny?

Zyan and Kaeden are in love and happy together. When they are giving the opportunity to see their third and to pursue her, they decide they must even though they are happy with just the two of them. Not aware of Karena’s abhorrence of being a commodity they bungle a few things when they first meet her. It’s love at first sight for both of them, but Karena doesn’t interpret it that way. Will they lose her before they even had her?

Karena’s daring escape from her homeworld set the stage for a fast paced story. After witnessing her treatment by her parents and her intended, the reader couldn’t help but hope for her successful escape. As she met Kaeden and Zyan and was overcome with emotion and joy, it made her devastation later in the read even more powerful. Having few women on their world made the men ill-equipped as to how a woman would interpret things said and done, but when the chips were down they recovered beautifully. The future looks bright for this trio as they use their talents and gifts to live a life full of love and passion.

Book Blurb for Ride to Ecstasy

Novella -

A desperate escape from the water planet of Qumaar lands Karena on Adjara, a closed desert world where the scarcity of women means each has at least two mates. It’s her face lovers Zyan and Kaeden see when they undertake a vision quest to find the female meant to be theirs.

Aroused beyond measure, awed at discovering she can communicate with horses, they’re more than ready to stake their claim in a carnal sharing of pleasure. But while capturing her body and enslaving it with passion is easy, happiness will depend on capturing her heart—and making her a willing prisoner to destiny.

A standalone set in the world first discovered in The Joining and Passion’s Song, both published in Ellora’s Cavemen anthologies.

Reader Advisory: If you love M/M, Zyan and Kaeden seriously steam up the pages, both before and after finding Karena.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.75