Ride 'Em Again Cowboy

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Ride 'Em Again Cowboy

A self-proclaimed whore, Charles Fletcher loves ‘em and leaves ‘em. He doesn’t really believe in love, until he sees Royce and Parker together. Envious but convinced he’ll never find a man for himself, he accepts an invitation to visit Royce at his family-owned ranch. Who knows? Maybe he’ll find a hot cowboy for himself?

Jed Miller is a new hire at the Double R Ranch. He left his former job to get away from a lover who abandoned him for another. Everyone who meets Jed knows he’s been hurt. As Charles says, he carries a lot of baggage. But circumstances throw the two together one night and they have an explosive encounter. One Charles hopes to repeat. As the two tentatively get to know one another, their feelings grow. As Charles is beginning to believe he might find a happily ever after, Jed’s former flame wants him back. Jed honestly tells Charles about the overture, and to avoid getting hurt, Charles coldly tells him it was fun but it was just one of those things. After returning to LA, he can’t get his cowboy out of his mind, but is determined not to be hurt. Jed realizes he made a mistake and desperately wants to pursue Charles but is afraid of rejection. Parker and Royce, convinced the two belong together, begin machinations to bring the two back together. Can they succeed?

Charles and Jed were like two porcupines trying to kiss. While Charles disparaged Jed’s "baggage" he had quite a matched set himself. With Royce and Parker on their sides, shoving them together, the two are faced with the opportunity to take a chance and be happy, or hide and be alone. While full of steam and sex, that’s not all it was about. I didn’t find it as touching as the first story about Parker and Royce, but it was a good read.

Book Blurb for Ride 'Em Again Cowboy

Contemporary/ Gay/ Cowboys



A cynical city lawyer finds his ordered life turned around when he meets a handsome cowboy during a weekend getaway on his friend's ranch.

Charles Fletcher is happy to accept an invitation from his best friend, Royce Chandler to his family owned ranch in Northern California, but doesn't expect his life to be turned around by the newly hired assistant foreman, Jed Miller. Although Charles finds Jed attractive, he is uncomfortably aware that the cowboy seems to be carrying what Charles terms – too much baggage. Despite Royce and his lover Parker's attempts to bring the two men together, Charles is wary of Jed's often aloof attitude. It's not until Jed shows up drunk, and Charles is the only one there to help him back on his feet, that the two men connect, both physically and emotionally.

What looks like a promising love affair is thrown a curve when Jed receives a call from his ex lover asking his forgiveness for their break up and to please come home. Charles, determined not to show how much Jed really matters to him, tells Jed, "Hey, it was great fun, but it was just one of those things", and returns to Los Angeles.

Once again, Royce and Parker attempt their cupid act, but will their good intentions bring Charles and Jed together, or have both of them singing 'I'm a Lone Cowhand'?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.50