Brides of the Kindred, #5

The world created for this series of books has been so involved and detailed. The first of the series was my favorite but this is a close second for me. Adam (or Rast as he is referred to throughout the book) is so yummy! Conflicted about his past, confused about his future, he is facing choices and emotions he’s never even dreamed of before and all of them have far reaching results. The glimpses we got of him in the previous books were a teaser and this book is all about him.

Nadiah is placed in the undesirable situation of having to stand against her parents to live her own life. When Rast volunteers to champion her she’s thrilled but has doubts as to why a human would do such a thing. As the layers that make up Rast are peeled away they fall irrevocably in love as only their kind can. When it seems the universe is determined to keep them apart will they prevail?

With the death of the AllFather in the previous book I wondered who the bad guy would be. And the author delivered and then some. I don’t know how this series can ever end as everything is tied together and when you pull the threads it just leads to more. With the new nemesis on the horizon it promises to go on and on. Also, when the couples in this series actually get around to sex it’s smoking hot, but the books are just huge amounts of build up and foreplay. The stories themselves are the huge draw and I for one can’t wait for more.

Book Blurb for Revealed

Book 5 in the Brides of the Kindred series

Nadiah has the Sight—the ability to see into the future. But the one thing she can’t see is how she’s ever going to be free of the blood bond her parents forced her into when she was only six. Her fiancée is an evil bastard who delights in torturing her and her only way out of a loveless marriage is for a Kindred warrior to challenge the hated bond. But Nadiah has no warrior to challenge for her—she just has Rast.

Adam Rast doesn’t know why he feels so protective and possessive of Nadiah, only that he’s willing to kill or die to protect her. When the chance to set her free arises, he takes it without hesitation, even though his lack of Kindred blood could mean his defeat or even his death. But Rast has a secret, one even he doesn’t know he possesses. When he undertakes Nadiah’s quest, the truth comes out in a strange and provocative way.

Can Nadiah and Rast live through their ordeal? Will the truth about Rast set them free…or kill them? You’ll have to read Revealed to find out.

This book is a plus length novel--around 130,000 words long

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50