The danger of marrying young is growing apart. It takes work and skill to make it last and apparently Michael and Layla weren't able to pull it off. Divorced five years they are "friends." But Layla misses what she had even if she doesn't know it. Going to her ex's for his birthday is a sign of maturity and goodwill. But why is she (almost) the only one there?

I would have liked this story a lot better if the author had left out the "other" woman. I thought that was a little harsh and not exactly how I would plan a seduction of my former spouse. Was Michael supposed to be showing how desirable he was? Anyway, that kind of skewed the whole story for me. What came after that was edgy and erotic and sexy, but all I could think of was that Michael hadn't taken a shower. That's how my mind works and it was an ewwww moment for me. I liked the liberation Layla felt at the end, but surely she could have found it on her own. A different read than usual and very quick if you are looking for something to read from start to finish during your lunch break.

Book Blurb for Reunion

They were best friends, university sweethearts, and then husband and wife. Getting over Michael was the hardest thing Layla ever had to do—so hard that she's become an expert at keeping her true feelings hidden, even from herself. Little does she know, Michael not only still loves her, but he wants her back in his life for good—and he's willing to do anything to make her see that she still loves him, too . . . anything.

Light BDSM Spanking Bondage D/s Dubious Consent

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.00