Outlaw Lovers, #5

This is the fifth in the Outlaw Series and the world is just as horrific for women as ever. Reena, AKA Red, is taking some well-earned time off from her job as leader of the Resistance at her grandparent’s cabin in the woods. What she doesn’t know is she’s in the sights of not one but two men. Both want to end her life but in different ways. What they didn’t anticipate was her affect on their lives.

Will Smith is the assassin who just can’t seem to take the killing shot. Cade is the bounty hunter and Outlaw in the story. When a storm and circumstances force the three into close proximity nature takes care of the rest. Will and Red have a brief history but it enhances instead of hinders. Like all the other stories in this series women are nothing more than chattel and the world has taken a huge step backward in women’s equality. While there is a glimmer of hope it is quickly extinguished and I was left with the impression things are about to get much worse.

There is a lot of story and character development and if you are looking for a quick steamy read this isn’t it. This story provides drama, emotional entanglements, revelations and hot encounters that start as sex but lead to more. Much more. A must read for fans of the series, and probably a little hard to follow for those who aren’t familiar with the preceding stories.

Book Blurb for Resistance

Book five in the Outlaw Lovers Series.

Fugitive female… Renegade Resistance leader Reena “Red” Wilde is in for the fight of her life when she experiences an erotic attraction to the two most dangerous men she’s ever met.

Black ops assassin… Months ago, Will “Blade” Smith spent one sizzling evening in the arms of a red-haired seductress. Now she’s his next assignment. One look into her gorgeous eyes and he’s wrestling his heated cravings all over again.

Bounty Hunter… When Cade Outlaw nabs his bounty, sexy-as-sin Reena Wilde, his profession dictates she’s hands-off. But he can’t ignore the magnetic sparks between them…or that she is the biggest temptation of his life.

Resistance is futile… After Reena escapes Cade and Will and falls prey to a band of evil hunters, she’s grateful her sexy hunks come to her rescue, and in return, saves their lives. Trapped in a solitary cabin during a wicked snowstorm, she can’t resist her two well-hung studs, nor can she deny they’ve claimed her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00