Office romance is dicey and no one knows better than Darina. Thrown over by her fianc‚ for the boss's daughter she's miserable. When the sexy security guard Sol visits her office after hours she feels an attraction she never felt with her fianc‚. Perhaps being single isn't so bad after all.

Sol has watched Darina, in a non-stalker way, for months. When he sees her go into her office to avoid her former fianc‚ he is compelled to check on her. What happens next is right out of his fantasies and he can only want more. He knows he can't keep her since he has so little to offer a professional woman, but he can make memories that will get him through when they end. And they will end, won't they?

Not lacking confidence but instead relying on the edicts of society Sol has convinced himself he and Darina can't have a relationship since she's the bigger earner. If it doesn't bother them why should society have a say? Darina and Sol have chemistry that quickly evolves into caring and that's more important than any check stub. While things move quickly they don't have the taint of a rebound affair. Darina quickly discerns she never loved Marc, her fianc‚, at all and he didn't love her if he could throw her aside so easily.

I especially liked that a lot of the story was told from Sol's point of view and that we were given snippets of his private hopes and dreams. His protective stance concerning Darina totally meshed with his career choice and made him very attractive. What furthered his desirability was his ability to control his caveman tendencies even though he wanted to let them out. The climax of the story was a little surprising and illustrated how well some people are at camouflaging their true selves. A good read that let good triumph.

Book Blurb for Resignation

Darina’s self-esteem took a hit when she caught her fiancé in the arms of her boss’s daughter. Although three months have passed, she’s still hurting. Having to work in the same building with the no-good loser doesn’t help matters. But things take an interesting turn one evening when the sexy security guard she couldn’t help but notice pays her a visit in her office…after hours.

Solon has wanted the enticing executive for months, and can’t believe his luck when an innocent attempt to check on her turns into something else entirely. The heat between them is undeniable, but Sol isn’t sure he has enough to offer. And when Darina seems uncertain, Sol knows the odds are stacked against their spontaneous tryst becoming more than just hot sex.

When Darina’s ex-fiancé comes sniffing around, Sol realizes he’ll fight anyone he must to keep her…even Darina herself.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75