Rescuing Rory

Guilty Pleasure Alert! Haven't had one of those in a while. This hit all my favorites - mercenaries, alpha male, strong woman, quest and instant attraction. Sigh...... Rory is a resource to the Marks brothers when they go onto the ship she's being held in slavery on to rescue her. But Kal recognizes her as so much more the instant they touch. She's his. And to my delight he acts accordingly throughout the whole book. Even towards his brothers.

Rory was betrayed by her "family" and is slow to trust as a result. But she connects with Kal instantly and chooses not to fight the attraction. But she can't let herself get emotionally attached. Yeah, good luck with that.

The story moved at a steady pace, the motive behind the brother's mission in life clear, and the circumstances that led Rory to where she was well-defined. No big gaps and it ended with a lead that will move them closer to their goal of finding their lost sister. And I'm hoping Rory will get some closure as well. I can't wait to see who the author comes up with for Kal's brothers, especially the big scary one!

Book Blurb for Rescuing Rory

Betrayed after her father’s death, Rory Banks finds herself dancing on the Exos, a deep-space pleasure ship, with no way out of her nightmare. It’s a far cry from earning her keep as a mechanic on her father’s ship. Time is running out and within days she will be consigned to the pleasure rooms on board. So when a stranger breaks open her cage and offers her a way out, she grabs it and runs.

Kal Marks and his brothers are space mercenaries and traders who have spent the past ten years searching for their younger sister. Their hunt has led them to the Exos and Rory, who they hope will have information. Once Rory’s told them all she knows they plan to let her go. But Kal never counted on wanting Rory or the sexual tension and scorching heat that blazes between them. What starts out as a simple mission soon become something much more complicated.

A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.50