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Dragons of Preor, #4

I've thoroughly enjoyed this series, a tie in with the Ujal series. The "males" are hot and honorable and the women are either a force to be reckoned with or are a work in progress, just needing the confidence to be all they can be. The slight problem I had with this book is the lack of chemistry between Rendan and Carla.

Oh, they had the Knowing and the insta-attraction but each had major past experiences that threatened their tenuous union, and heaven forbid they talk about it. Also, Carla was a victim of subterfuge a few too many times for my liking. She wouldn't be allowed to go to the bathroom alone if I was in charge. Rendan was a sorry excuse for a Preor, in my opinion, and let me down in a major way. He and Carla both were able to reconcile their differences, but I'm a person who doesn't see shades of grey (ask my sons) and it's hard to win me back.

Carla's character was the one I most strongly identified with and she blossomed due to circumstance and the Knowing. Rendan lacked that Alpha spark and confidence I like about the Preor, and his actions shocked me based on my belief of the tenets of the Preor. And, while I like a possessive alpha, the "mine, mine, mine" followed by "yours, yours, yours" got kind of old.

The continuity from previous books was artfully maintained, the world building very tactile and the imagination of the author obviously evident.

I'm looking forward to the next book, because despite what I perceived as drawbacks of this particular pairing I'm still gung-ho for the next book which I hope will focus on Zadri and the mysterious Delaney.

Book Blurb for Rendan

Violence is never the answer… unless you’re a Preor warrior.

Rendan sen Tarkan, Offense Master to the Preor Third Fleet, has found his human mate. She is small compared to him, but her curves, delicious scent, and sky blue eyes call out to his soul. He has waited for a female for over two centuries and he will fight—kill—any who dare attempt to take her. Even one of his own males.

One moment Carla was unemployed and the next she was on the Preor battleship, working as a nurse for human-Preor mates. Oh, and the next moment? That was when she found her sexy, alien pink-scaled mate. Then she watched the muscular dragon shifter get beat to hell. And then she was assigned a condo in Preor Tower on Earth. The person in the condo next door? That sexy, alien pink-scaled male.

Learning about the proud alien warrior isn’t trouble free, but it’s easier than almost dying. Yeah, almost. But the Preor who tried to end her life? Well, he doesn’t quit easily. She only hopes Rendan is there to save her when the alien tries to end her life once again.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.00