Releasing Kate

Sex. Kate Logan can take it or leave it. She’s never encountered a man that did it for her, and figures she never will. Then she meets Michael Kyle. She never even saw him coming. He hits her like a ton of bricks, and suddenly sex is all she can think about. Sex she’s never imagined before, involving submission and a dominant male. Pain. And pleasure.

Michael belongs to the clan. Genetically imprinted with the need to dominate, he’s given up hope of finding a mate. Then he encounters Kate and knows she’s the one. All the women before her were just practice. But Kate is unaware of her heritage and fights what society has taught her it is wrong to want. To be owned and loved by a man strong enough to make her submit and like it.

Wow. This is not for the faint of heart. Very violent and at times difficult to read, but like watching an accident I couldn’t stop. It was almost mesmerizing how the story progressed. Michael was harsh, but not mean. Think of a negative word and he was the opposite, but he was unending in his determination to bend Kate and ultimately free her. This was a book that had me sitting after I finished just contemplating what I had read. Kudos to the author for a provocative and elemental story that was harsh but also beautifully presented. My only complaint would be the abrupt ending. A continuation of the story line would be great, as I was left with questions about Kate’s parents and grandmother.

Book Blurb for Releasing Kate

Book Length: Novel
Kate Logan is unaware of her genetic imprint. All her life, she’s suppressed the dark longings that haunt her. Twenty-first-century women should not want alpha males to protect or dominate them.
Michael Kyle immediately recognizes Kate as his mate. He can send violent sexual visions to her but she doesn’t seem to understand what that means. She’s unaware and untrained.
He’s ready to show Kate that pain can liberate her pleasure. But first, he has to break through her resistance. She thinks her needs are wrong and fears her craving to submit to the sexual demands of this dominant man. Michael has to be patient—gradually increase her sexual pain to free her sexual pleasure and acceptance of her submissive heritage.
If he rushes the process, if he can’t break through her barriers…she won’t survive their mating.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.50