Tales of the Shareem, #1

Once upon a time a woman could shop for her sexual pleasure.  Like a fully-functional Ken doll, Shareem came in three levels, each more titillating than the previous one.  Level 1 was sensuality, Level 2 sexy games and fun, and Level 3 came with a whip.  Rees wasn’t any of those.  He was all three rolled into one, and then he had capabilities his creators weren’t sure about.  He was an experiment and he scared the crap out of his makers…...

Lady Talan is a member of the movement that tries to separate the mind from the sexual needs of the body.  About to take her vow of celibacy, she stumbles upon a diary of a woman who spent a week with a Shareem, with vivid documentation of what she experienced.  Seeing a Shareem in the square Talan is overcome with curiosity and desire.  Rees is amused by Talan, as well as aroused.  When she approaches him to “help” her before her vow of celibacy to see what she is giving up, he is more than happy to accommodate her.  What happens next surprises both of them.

Both Talan and Rees had an innocence about them that had nothing to do with sex.  Emotionally they were on an even keel, even though Rees thinks he knows it all.  Told by his creators that he can’t love, Rees is hit by the emotion for the first time in his life.  Determined to savor Talan and ultimately save her from his lust, which even he doesn’t know how out of control it can get, he falls in love with his little student.

Talan is a lady and a scholar but very naïve.  What she isn’t is stupid.  She recognizes her feelings for Rees even though he denies them. 

The path Rees and Talan follow to one another is erotic, painful and at times dangerous.  A highly recommended read.

Book Blurb for Rees

Shareem: Males created for the pleasure of women. They come in three levels: Level one, sensuality; Level two, fun and games; Level three, dark and dangerous pleasures.

The Shareem were made to be all things to women, to live to please, and to have no emotions—not anger, jealousy, joy, or love.

Lady Talan d’Urvey has never seen a Shareem. But she’s read the diary of a woman who long ago spent two glorious weeks with one. Intrigued, Lady Talan, studying to be a celibate, decides to find a Shareem and have one heady taste of carnality before she takes the robes and shuts herself from the world.

But Talan finds Rees, a Shareem experiment who terrified his captors and then escaped. Rees is all levels of Shareem rolled into one, his capabilities far beyond those of a level three. No one knows who Rees is, and Rees likes it that way.

When Lady Talan encounters him, Rees is captivated. Who is this woman under her prim robes who wants to study him? He thinks it hilarious to be appointed as the man to teach her about Shareem, but Rees never bargains for losing his heart, proving the hard way that Shareem can indeed fall in love . . .

Warning: Contains many scenes of searing fun, brief mfm, and a warmhearted romance.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50