Red and the Wolf

This was a smokin’ hot read. It had a lot of my favorite elements artfully woven together to create an engrossing read. 
Both characters were strong and determined in their convictions. The added stress that Sara felt for making Reeve love her added an intriguing element of moral dilemma. The fact that Reeve believed in magic but thought her ability to make him love her was ridiculous was heartwarming. The physical aspects of the story were phenomenally written, and I especially loved the way that Reeve’s comments were abbreviated during their “play.” It made it seem that much more intense. Definitely a book I would recommend and one I will be reading again the future. 

Book Blurb for Red and the Wolf

Sara Jensen is the town witch in Buck Lake, Tennessee. More than anything she misses her older brother and his best friend Reeve, who are overseas in the Marine Corps. But when her brother is killed in action, Reeve comes back with a secret—an ancient crone laid a curse on him that turns him into a ravening wolf every full moon.

Sara has a secret of her own—she’s head over heels for Reeve and has been since they were kids. When he comes to her house on Halloween night asking for help, she inadvertently lays a fidelity spell on him while trying to keep him in his human form. Sara knows she must undertake the difficult and dangerous task of lifting his curse. But when the wolf within him is banished, the fidelity spell will be lifted too and his love for her will disappear.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50