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Contemporary Erotic Romance

What started out as the opportunity of her career turned into a surreal nightmare. Katrina Hammond helps people sell their art collections. When a handsome Spanish collector asks for her to help catalog and sell his families collection, she can't resist. And who would want to? This is her chance to show her employer what she's made of, as well as her coworker and ex-fianc‚, Henry. Besides, Sergio is hot!

What looked like a textbook assignment quickly became cloudy with lies and deceit. Why wouldn't Sergio get the proper paperwork signed by his father? Wasn't Sergio a little volatile and unpredictable when asked certain questions?

Enter Nicolas, the devastatingly gorgeous, and according to Sergio disowned, younger brother. He hasn't spoken to his father in two years. Why is he now shadowing Katrina's every move?

This was a really intriguing mystery. I had clues as to what was going on, but certainly didn't expect what the author revealed at the end. The relationship developed at a steady pace, and the sex was steamy. Definitely a good read to invest your time in.

Book Blurb for Reckless

At the age of twenty-nine, London valuation expert Katrina Hammond is evolving into a stronger, more sexual woman. When she subsequently finds herself at the center of a struggle for power and dominance between two brothers, she welcomes the darkly erotic charge the situation brings.

Katrina's job is to value a collection of art objects for auction in the Catalonia villa of the Teodoro family, where Sergio Teodoro rules. Sergio is a dominant master who compels her attention. Nicolas, his younger brother - a disinherited artisan - also seeks her out. As Katrina uncovers the subterfuge surrounding the collection, she finds that there is more to Nicolas and Sergio's battle than meets the eye, and more to her growing allegiances than may be good for her.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.75