Space Gypsy Chronicles Book 3

Things blowing up, people disappearing and intrigue around every corner. Just another day for Rafe and Emma as they stumble through the prophecy that has driven Rafe’s life since birth.

Rafe has rebelled against the expectations, resented his “brother” Mikhail and done his level best to make himself happy regardless of who that disappoints. No commitment and no ties have gotten him this far, but Emma is becoming a problem he can’t do without. He’s entering a den of vipers, also known as his family, and she’s a potential weakness. Good thing she can defend herself.

Emma found herself in space and has decided to embrace her new existence as main squeeze to a pirate. But that pirate has turned out to be a prophetic prince and she’s along for what is turning into a potentially deadly ride. The adventure so far has netted her a “twin” to Rafe who does his best to get in her pants, Rafe’s mother who wants to kill her and other relatives who actually try. Through it all, Rafe and her stay strong, with only a few hiccups in their relationship.

Love this story and each installment is like a guilty pleasure that I want to devour slowly but end up inhaling anyway. And then I know I have to wait for the rest of the story. An entertaining yet frustrating circle. This installment let more secrets out to play, put more questions in my mind to ponder and had me alternatively laughing and gasping in horror. I have suspicions brewing but who knows what direction Rafe, Emma and Mikhail will take as they unwillingly find themselves living the very prophecy that Rafe has tried to run from his whole life?

Book Blurb for Rebel

Prophecy says he’s the one who will find the lost Rhomanii homeworld. Fate has governed his whole life. But he’s not letting it control his future.

The Rhomanii are looking for the man foretold in the prophecy, a leader that will unite the clans and lead them home. Some addled seers decided that man is Rafe. That caused a bit of an issue, mostly because there is a second foretelling, one calling him the destroyer. Cooler name, but it comes with attempts to kill him, mostly by his uncle, the archduke for the enclave.

But what’s a little blood and murder between family members?

Rafe is older now. Wiser. And most definitely deadlier, which is why Rafe is returning to the mighty wheel housing his clan. It seems his uncle has some of the artifacts he’s seeking.

Not for long.

Rafe is so close to completing the puzzle and solving the mystery. Maybe even finding the mysterious path home. Time is running out, though. The forces for and against him are rallying. Grumbles and whispers tell of entire families gone silent. Who is killing them, and is rebellion the only solution?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.50