Reader Abduction

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Reader Abduction

An Alien Abduction Romance

Well who knew??!! This was a delightful read with a whimsical twist by the author that had me hopeful and planning to attend the next romance conference in my area that Eve Langlais was going to be present at.

Brigitte is like all other woman who love purple; waiting for her hero to show up and take her away. But how does she act when that really happens? This was an absolutely hysterical read that I gobbled right up. If you’ve gotten this far in the series you know that the relationship between the hero and heroine is argumentative at best and this one doesn’t fail to deliver. Add in Phyr’s mom and a meddling ship computer and the fun never ends. Brigitte is cautiously hopeful yet realistic and rolls with the punches. And there are a few punches (not in the literal sense).

Phyr is your average clueless male with the added bonus of being raised by a single bloodthirsty mother. He’s an acquisition specialist and struggles with separating his burgeoning feelings for Brigitte with her being an acquisition to sell. I liked the romance as it played out and the fact that sex, while bartered about, wasn’t the focus of the story. I hope this is a new beginning and not the last we’ll see of the purple.

Book Blurb for Reader Abduction

An alien fantasy brought to life...

It should have been a simple volunteer job. Keep the events for the Romancing the Capital convention running smooth. But from the moment Brigitte lays eyes on the male model dipped in purple, hired for the galactic party, she is thrown into a tizzy—mostly because of his stolen kiss.

Imagine her shock once she realizes he’s not an actor. This purple alien is for real!

And Phyr didn’t come to RTC alone. He brought a bunch of his mercenary friends to help him abduct all the single ladies. These readers are about to go on a galactic adventure wilder than anything they’ve ever read in a book—and hotter than anything they could have imagined.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50