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Contemporary Romance, Menage a Trois, Fantasy Games

Sylvia has been married to John for 10 years. They have been planning a romantic getaway for 3 months. While waiting at the airport, ticked in hand, John calls and says he can't make it. It's the last straw for Sylvia, and she informs her husband she's going without him. Once in Florida, she examines her marriage. She needs more from her husband. Is he having an affair? Can she have an affair to get what she's missing?

Ravished touched on every (honest) woman's secret fantasy. Imagine being whisked away, restrained, and made to feel sexual gratification by two sexually intent men. If only. I had an inkling what was going on, but never was sure. I thought this was a very well done short story, and highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for Ravished

Silvia's husband spends too much time tending his business ventures and not enough time tending her sexual needs so when he refuses to go on vacation with her, she boldly decides to go alone. Sunning herself on the beach, she is distracted by her own thoughts and suddenly finds herself being abducted by two men. All attempts to thwart the mishap go unnoticed and soon she finds herself far from her hotel, tied down and naked, and being ravished by two very virile males.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50