Raven's Hell

Savages, #2

Do you have what it takes to survive when the world goes up in flames? Collin was a somewhat unsavory character before the virus killed the world, but Rebecca wasn’t. How did these two diverse people survive?

We meet Rebecca when she’s managed to survive for 18 months after the end. She’s been taught through trial and error to trust no one since she’s been abused and betrayed over and over. Women are a commodity to be used. Is being alone better? Not really, but at least she’s safe. But is she getting too complacent with her success?

Collin was mean and didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger if the situation, in his opinion, called for it. That’s come in handy in the world as it is now, but he too is alone. He’s looking for a mate, for lack of a better term, and while he doesn’t want to force the issue, he promises himself he won’t be without. Rebecca is in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time, depending on your point of view.

I’ll give him credit, Collin came a long way back towards humanity when basically that trait is all but wiped out. Ironic, really. He’s rough and alpha, but he’s also respectful and caring towards his chosen. Even though circumstance forced them together they actually fall in love and they love each other fiercely. I really enjoyed this authors rendition of love after the end of humanity. Her characters were believable and obviously not too stupid to live. A good read.

Book Blurb for Raven's Hell

Collin Suthers was a kingpin of the underground world. Dealing in all things illegal, he reveled in the depraved acts he committed. But that world is now gone, and in its place is a vicious hell. Being savage is the only way to survive, and a woman who can help alleviate the solitude and isolation that plague him is what he is now after.

Rebecca Shaw is a survivor, but when three men ambush her, she knows she can’t take them all on. Then a stranger shows up and takes them out with little effort. She wonders if this possessive side Collin shows toward her is more dangerous than the savage world itself.

Collin won’t leave Rebecca. He can’t. Even though the world isn’t safe any longer, when it comes to something he wants, he doesn’t give up until it’s his.

And he wants Rebecca.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00