Ral's Woman

Finding out there is life on other planets hasn’t been a good experience for Ariel.  Deemed useless by her captors, she is made a prize for other captives to fight over.  When the largest man she has ever seen wins her, she doesn’t know what her fate is.  Is she to be his dinner or his bed mate?

Ral is Zorn.  A leader among a warrior race he was taken captive while on a hunting expedition.  His captors think he and his like are simple and stupid.  They are not, but play the game to their advantage.  When he wins a woman, he usually hands her off to one of his pack, but when he sees Ariel, he fights for her for himself.  And he’ll do anything to keep her.  Heart, body and soul.

This book was such a guilty pleasure I almost expected women activists to bang on my door while I read it.  I absolutely adored it.  Everything a woman could fantasize about is artistically written for your reading enjoyment.  Capture, a man killing for you, fighting all to keep you.  Sigh.  Ral and Ariel smoked the pages and kept it burning until the end.  A true love story with enough controversy and misunderstanding to keep it captivating.  I look forward to a sequel; soon I hope.

Book Blurb for Ral's Woman

Ariel never knew aliens existed until she finds herself kidnapped and taken from Earth. When the Anzon declare humans useless, she learns her fate—prize for the winner of a brutal fight between large, muscled alien men.

Ral is a Zorn warrior. He has also been kidnapped by the Anzon, along with his crew. Forced into slavery, he’s got one thing on his mind—freeing his people. That is, until he sees the small human woman he’s willing to fight to win. He doesn’t just want her body, he wants her heart forever.In the hands of a hot alien, Ariel is about to discover how pleasurable captivity can be.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.75