Raine on Me

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Raine on Me

Riding the Raines Book 2

Her life in tatters, Brit is hiding and hoping for things to get better.  A marriage that went beyond bad culminated in a divorce.  Except her psycho ex-husband, who is currently in prison, doesn't recognize that it's over.  Her worst fear is him getting out and ending her.  Working as a physical therapist for a crusty old rodeo man who owns the clinic has proven a godsend, as he is sympathetic and understanding to her plight.  But how far will that understanding go?

River has no problem getting a bed partner.  Which is why his assumption is that Brit is his latest after he finds her in his bedroom and he is naked in bed.  Granted, he's a little off his game because of his injuries and the booze he drank, but using all his considerable charms he woos and wears her down until they end up horizontal and it's the bst sex he's ever had.  Anticipating more he is shocked when she sneaks out on him.  Imagine his surprise when she is again in his bed at the family ranch.  Fate?

With the help of people she doesn't really know, Brit finds herself tucked into a quiet ranch after she finds out her maniac ex is let out of jail for good behavior.  The Raine's are friends with her boss and he asks them to let her stay.  Intrigued and overwhelmed by the Raine family Brit just wants to forget the past.  But how can she when it keeps chasing her with the intent to kill?

One of the better reads I've enjoyed in quite awhile.  Not just a book written around sex, this had a great story line that was full of great sex.  Yes, there is a distinction.  River is annoying as well as adorable, and Brit is strong but willing to accept help.  That is until it gets dangerous for those around her.  I loved how the Raine men just ignored her protestations and maneuvers and got things done.  This story will stick with me for awhile because it was pretty powerful. 

While I enjoyed the first story in the series, this one was awesome.  A lot of violence in addition to the eroticism make it not a great choice for the squeamish.  Liberal humor offsets the dark side, and River's proclivity for giving Brit amusing nicknames was a riot.  I hope the author has her sights on Ryder next.....

Book Blurb for Raine on Me

Brit wants to get on with her life and leave her rough past far behind. Most of the cowboys who end up in her care are cranky old ex-rodeo stars. But not the new guy. He’s a tall, mouthwatering hunk with the hottest body she’s ever seen. And she can see it all, since not one inch of that incredible flesh is hidden from her gaze. The blunt, crude man shocks Brit a bit when he flat-out tries to get her into his bed…immediately.

Brit is the sexiest woman River has ever come across. Every time he thinks he’s starting to tame her, she tries to bolt from his life. He’s a man who always gets what he wants and the more time he spends with the mouthy, stubborn woman, the more convinced he becomes that he can never give her up. Good thing for him he’s not above chaining a woman to his bed if that’s what it takes to keep her right where he wants her—under him.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75