Queen of the Savages

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Queen of the Savages

Desert World Savages, #12

We pick up where Desert World Savages ended and I was so ready. Rev and Tev are reunited but there is some tension there that rears its ugly head later in the book. Tracy is dealing with Rev's inheritance and what that means to them as a couple. Oh, and they constantly have sex.

The politicians that are totally against Tracy are back at it with a dark agenda that has the potential to blow everything the people of Rev's world believe apart. But it could also heal some deep wounds and set things right rather than have everything run by the alien equivalent of an "old boy network." Tracy is a little overwhelmed by all the pomp and circumstance but stays strong and true to herself. Also, her panties create quite a ruckus - who knew?

Tev, while he's never been a supporter of Rev and Tracy, shows a side I never thought I'd see and does some pretty questionable things that I would find hard to forgive. Tracy holds it together but Tev needs a woman of his own and I hope the author pairs him with Carol, Tracy's friend who's had a worse time of it than even Tracy, considering the genetic mutations and all. I'd love to hear the story from her perspective. This serial was full of intrigue and political maneuvering as well as the reinforcement of Rev and Tracy's undying and undeniable love for one another. A good read.

Book Blurb for Queen of the Savages

Tracy was trying to remain alive and get back to Earth. That was before she met Rev, a sexy space cop who claimed her as his mate.

Now everything has changed for her, and she wants to stay with Rev. But there's a problem - someone wants to send her back to Earth.

She's fighting a battle to stay with her man as the secrets of her past are revealed, and she makes an important decision about her future!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50