Pursued by the Imperial Prince

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Pursued by the Imperial Prince

Imperial Princes Book 1

Forget a woman scorned, you need to look out for the pissed off prince. Jaida and Seth were love at first sight, and things ended up in bed quickly. Jaida, being a noble, expected a proposal of marriage from the man she gave her innocence to, but instead got a brush off by his butler. Devastated, she ran, thinking he would let her go since he obviously thought so little of her. She was wrong.

Seth was shocked when Jaida left him, and determined to make her pay. A five year chase begins with Jaida always one step ahead. Until he catches his prey. Now he can exact the revenge he's been fantasizing about for years. Among other fantasies.

Loved this! Jaida left with nothing and grew exponentially while she used her brain to keep ahead of Seth. She learned how to work, and was good at it. While I wasn't particularly enamored of the universe as a whole (the slavery issue) the power, both political and physical, that Seth wielded was seductive. Not a pampered royal, this man was deadly. And soooo sexy while he was.

The whole book wouldn't have been necessary with a simple conversation, but where is the fun in that? The big reveal at the end was rather ironic but the journey there was full of action and adventure, romance and seduction and good old fashioned love.

Book Blurb for Pursued by the Imperial Prince

On the run… Hunted… by the man she once gave her heart to.

Outlawed noblewoman Jaida’s been everything from a high speed courier on Arcalis Prime to a waitress in the cloud café’s on Selenis. Different careers, different names, different identities. When a cover got easy–so easy she started to believe it herself–she knew she’d been in the same place too long and it was time to move on. Before she got comfortable and started to make mistakes. Mistakes would allow Imperial Prince Seth to find her, and if that happened, people would die…

But after five years, Seth has found her, and she can no longer outrun her destiny: she’ll be the prince’s courtesan, but he’ll never own her heart…

He wanted the one woman he couldn’t have…

Five years ago he thought he’d found his princess, the woman he wanted to be his bride and rule alongside him. But instead of accepting his betrothal bracelet, she refused him and ran. Unable to let the insult lie, he’s chased her ever since. Now he finally has her, captured while working on the docks and he can finally get his revenge on the woman who spurned him. The woman he can’t get out of his head. He’ll make her his courtesan and get her out of his system for good…

But all is not as it seems, and the truth he thought he knew turns out to be a lie. When Jaida’s life is threatened by a hidden enemy, can Seth see through the lies in time to save her… or will he lose everything to deceit?

**Please note - This title has previously been released with another publisher and has not been revised or altered significantly.**

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.50