Punishing Tabitha

Frustrated and certain she’s never going to get out of the hole she’s dug for herself with her captain, Tabitha makes a monumentally stupid mistake when she goes off to nab a criminal who has evaded better agents than herself.  Thinking she’ll stroll back to the ship with the slave trader in cuffs, she’s the one being restrained and sold on the block like a commodity.  When she is sold for a gratifyingly large amount of money, her leash is handed over to none other than Captain Keer; the man who thinks she’s a babbling idiot.


Being Zentorian, Keer’s kind have violent emotions.  But he and others of his race are believed to be without emotions since they have to hold them back in the presence of others.  When Tabitha, who made quite the impression the first time he met her, goes off on a wild haired scheme, his emotions are more difficult than ever to hold in check.  When he retrieves Tabitha from her predicament, hopefully with both of them still alive, he’s going to teach her a lesson she’ll not soon forget.  But first he has to free her from the love knots which symbolize her bondage.  And he’s the only man who can.


Tabitha illustrates what happens when you think you are ten feet tall and bullet-proof.  Overestimating herself and underestimating her quarry puts her in a big mess.  Shocked when her captain himself comes to retrieve her she can’t help but get excited by the idea of it being him.  Since meeting him she has been attracted, and that puts her at a distinct disadvantage.  Or does it?


I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Keer.  He was so alone.  But when he met Tabitha, he started to come alive and when she was threatened, he had to admit his feelings to himself.  The chemistry between the two was provocative, as well as the situation they found themselves in.  The doubt and insecurity of both parties added to the tension and the final release at the end was well worth the wait. 

Book Blurb for Punishing Tabitha

Sergeant Tabitha Bryce just wants to make a name for herself. But as the youngest junior officer in her crew, she doesn’t get much of a chance to shine. Taking a gamble, she stages a daring one-woman sting. But her plan backfires and she finds herself being stripped naked and sold as a sex slave. To her mortification, it is her stoic, unobtainable captain who buys her freedom.

Her new master, Captain Keer, has been the commanding officer aboard Pride of Justice for years and has never lost his cool—until a junior officer with dreams of glory is placed aboard his ship. Now he must get Tabitha out of the mess she’s gotten herself into. But he doesn’t count on the bonus that comes with his new “slave”—a thin silvery cord wrapped around Tabitha’s most intimate areas that won’t come off without some special attention from her new master. Now he must try to free her from permanent sexual bondage to the love knots without losing his heart.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.75