Private Dicks

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Private Dicks

Rhodes was a cop before he became a private investigator.  While he officially wasn’t removed from the force for being gay, he thinks that is the real reason.  He has one friend from his time on the force, and sometimes she’s not even nice to him.  The one good thing in his life is his partner, Wash.  He’s lusted after him for a year, and when a case present itself that needs them to present themselves as a couple, Rhodes lets it be known he is really gay. 

Wash is floored when Rhodes comes out to him.  And mad.  He thought they were close, and he keeps something like this from him?  But Wash has some home truths of his own, and his revelations results in an encounter so hot and steamy, neither man can forget it.  But does that mean he’s gay?  Does he want the world to perceive him that way?  Can he handle it?

What a charming, warm read.  The chemistry between the two heroes was phenomenal and their relationship with one another a hoot.  Likened to an old married couple by an observer, their interactions were hysterical at times.  I laughed out loud on more than one occasion from their banter and self-deprecating remarks.  The case that the men are working on is serious and scary and kept my attention.  The romance between the two was also riveting, and while Wash’s wishy-washy behavior at times was annoying, it was also understandable.  A great read.

Book Blurb for Private Dicks

Ex-cop Isaac Rhodes is a tough and intimidating private investigator with a talent for kicking in doors and knocking bail jumpers’ heads together. His only soft spot is for his partner, Nate Washington—though Wash makes him anything but soft. He’s silently lusted after Wash for a year, until his desire drives him to finally come out to his partner.
This confession leads to Wash admitting a few secrets of his own, unleashing needs that result in hot, sweaty, sexy, man-on-man intimacy. Rhodes is elated…until Wash admits he’s unsure if he’s willing to endure the often prejudice-filled life of an outed gay man. Crushed, Rhodes backs off. But one missing child case—and a gun to Wash’s head—convinces Rhodes to do whatever it takes to get his man.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50