Prince of Seduction

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Prince of Seduction

Royal Chronicles 2

I'm a sucker for instant lust that turns to everlasting love. And Prince of Seduction delivers just that. Elric is searching for his soul mate to save his kingdom and his people from a Fae curse. Marin is being left at the altar 730 plus years in the future. However shall the two meet?

This is the second in the Royal Chronicles, and I'm hooked. I love the way Donna Grant portrays her characters. The hero is stoic, devoted, and determined to his mission, but when his mission becomes a real woman, he becomes all man. Men don't treat women this way any more, and that is why it is probably so appealing.

Marin is enamored with the idea of being in love, and is just a pebble in the river that is her fianc‚ Johnny. He changes all her plans for their wedding, but really, it's just not worth the effort to complain. Yeah, she's real invested in the relationship. The best thing to ever happen is him leaving her at the altar. Fast-forward 3 months and Marin is on vacation in Scotland. Enter the help of a Fae Warrior, and she and Elric start racing towards their destiny.

A decidedly creepy character from the first chronicle makes another appearance, and starts the reader to thinking about the future stories of the remaining princes. I recommend this wholeheartedly, and the first book for sure.

Book Blurb for Prince of Seduction

Seduction has always come easy for Elric, the second to the youngest of the four Drahcir princes. He knows that when he does find his mate he intends to convince her to return with him by using his famed seduction.

However, he isn't prepared to find his mate not only against any type of physical intimacy, but also avoiding men at all costs.

Now, Elric will have to use his heart as well as his seduction to win his mate and save his family and kingdom.

Rating: Contains violence, adult language, and graphic sexual content.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50