Prince of Passion

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Prince of Passion

Royal Chronicles 4

Kieran is the oldest of the four princes. He left the kingdom first in search for his mate who, when she returns to Drahcir with him, would help save the Fae cursed family and it's subjects for another generation.

Kieran is down to days until he has to fulfill his goal, or all is lost. He is completely disheartened, convinced he will never find his mate now if he hasn't found her in the years he has earnestly searched. He is in a tavern near his hidden magical kingdom, when he sees a kind, beautiful, and could it be familiar? face. Why not take a break from his fears and responsibilities?

All I can say is wow. The conclusion of the Royal Chronicles is so much more than I expected. I thought I had it all figured out based on the proceeding stories, but there were some surprises in wait for me..

This was more than a conclusion to a really great storyline. I thought the message that came through in this story, as well as the others, was a powerful one. It didn't hurt that the destined lovers were hot together, either! If you've read the previous Chronicles, you must read this one. And if you haven't, go get them!

Book Blurb for Prince of Passion

When time has no boundaries, the passion never ends.

As eldest and heir to the throne of Drahcir, Keiran feels the weight of the ancient curse heavily on his shoulders. As the time to return to Drahcir draws near, he fears he will have to return without his mate, sealing the fate of his kingdom.

He had always allowed his passion to rule him, and for good or bad, he has followed that passion. But when he gives in to a night of passion and discovers his mate, will he be able to convince her to return with him in time to save his beloved kingdom…

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50