Prince of Love

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Prince of Love

The Royal Chronicles 3

The Royal Chronicles continues with Sorin's quest for his mate, Katrina. Time is running out for him to find her and return to Drachir, saving his kingdom and people from disappearing forever as a result of a Fae curse laid on his family years ago.

He's almost given up hope when he hears a musical laugh. Following the sound, he suddenly sees her and knows she's the one meant for him. After catching her and saving her from falling into a mud puddle, his quest is over. Or is it just beginning? But wait, she's with a man who is very attentive. What if she's married?!

This is the third installment in the Chronicles and I enjoyed it immensely. As opposed to the previous two installments, I thought the heroine took the news of her destiny much better than the others. These two seemed to click almost effortlessly. Our evil nemesis once again appears, and at the end of this tale, its appearance is even more ominous.

The cliffhanger ending just whets your appetite for the conclusion of the Chronicles. Having read three of the four, I anxiously anticipate starting the final Chronicle.

Book Blurb for Prince of Love

He'll risk everything to claim her love.

The youngest of the four princes, Sorin, has waited for the time he could search out his mate. For years he has looked up to his father and brothers as they set the standard to how a prince of Drahcir should live. Now it's his time to due his duty, a duty he refuses to fail at. Not even the magical Tnarg's who are trying to kill his mate will stand in his way.

But the Tnarg is one step ahead of him. Sorin has little time to convince his mate of what he is and where he comes from. Will the unmistakable attraction they share be enough to convince her to leave all that she knows for a magical kingdom?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00