Prime Imperative

The Prime Chronicles, #3

I love it when a new Prime book comes out. The men are Alphas to the core, and the women aren't far behind. I'm especially grateful for the intelligent women in this series. They have to be, because once the Prime Males, who have waited their entire lives for their "one," find her they become a little possessive and it's quite the ride.

This particular story focuses on another Caradoc brother, specifically Iolyn (which I never did figure out how to pronounce) and his destined genetic match Dr. Brianna Martin. This story goes into a lot of politics, the genesis of the Prime gemate/gemat marking and the loss of fertility among the Prime. Iolyn and Brianna don't actually meet until well into the book and both have hurdles to leap to make that meeting actually happen. I can't go into much detail as it will ruin the story.

Suffice it to say this was another winner and the author kept me attached to my Kindle until the very end. There was a side story that I could have done without that made me a little uncomfortable, but other readers may not feel that way. And I see the need for it later in the book as it sets up a future book.

Once Iolyn and Brianna connect the steam factor hits the roof, as well as the posturing and pushing to see how far they can go with one another. Remember, they may be destined mates but they've just met and are suddenly overwhelmed with needs neither has felt before, both emotional and physical. A must read.

Book Blurb for Prime Imperative

The Prime race is facing extinction, but the research of Dr. Brianna Martin may hold the answer to their salvation. There’s just one problem, a group of Pure Blood fanatics will stop at nothing to see her dead! On the run from deadly peril, Bria meets her match in Iolyn Caradoc, a man determined to save her at all costs! Prime Imperative is a fast-paced, sexy, and thoroughly entertaining addition to Monette Michaels’ exciting series, The Prime Chronicles.

Adopted and raised by Terrans, Dr. Brianna Martin never quite fit in. She’s thrilled to learn she’s a long-lost female of the Prime race. And that she has a mate living somewhere on the planet Cejuru Prime—one genetically destined to be hers alone. Before she figures out how to approach him, she’s attacked in her research lab.

Iolyn Caradoc is stunned at the news that his mate, matched to him soon after birth, still lives. Even more amazing, she’s a research scientist on the verge of discovering why the Prime race is dying. But Pure Blood fanatics are trying to kill her and she’s on the run. Every primal instinct in him insists he find, claim, and protect his mate. But the woman won’t stay put.

When Bria finally meets Iolyn, she’s thrilled. He’s everything she could want—physically strong, highly intelligent, and … the other half of her soul. Yet, he’s also an overwhelmingly dominant and stubborn Prime warrior who wishes to protect her from everything—including her own Prime nature. As a Prime battle-mate, she has newfound instincts and skills—skills that will make her a true warrior. Skills she fully intends to learn and use.

If she manages to survive.

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, Light BDSM, Non-Sexual Violence

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2014 4.50