Pregnant by the Alien Healer

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Pregnant by the Alien Healer

Warriors of the Lathar Book 5

It's been awhile since Mina Carter visited Lathar and I for one was so ready for the trip. It took a bit to orient myself but then I was off and running with the main characters on their journey toward a happily ever after. And it's a dangerous road.

Jess and Laarn have been attracted since the first meeting/battle took place between the Lathar and human women. But that's all it's been, an attraction. While an officer and a healer, not to mention royalty, Laarn has a lot of insecurities about his appearance as a result of his profession as a Healer. The Lathar have a pretty radical system to become a healer and every step shows as a scar on the Healer's body. And we all know how insecurities can overshadow common sense. Yeah, that even happens with hot alien males.

Jess is a sensible strong woman. While not a soldier, she is capable of defending herself and does so on more than one occasion. And she also has an unwelcome suitor to just further complicate her attempts to connect with Laarn. As the book description states, Jess becomes accidentally pregnant and that's when things get really complicated.

Love me some Lathar. The chemistry between Laarn and Jess was effortless if fraught with angst. Each used their fears and insecurities as barriers, and communication was lacking when it mattered. The universe building was clear and fascinating, the characters from previous books present, and the mystery of the downward spiral of the Lathar's biology remains unsolved but we now have a glimmer of hope. Based on the way the story ended, I anticipate more from this author about this universe. And I hope I don't have to wait so long for it.

Book Blurb for Pregnant by the Alien Healer

Sci-fi Alien Warrior Invasion Romance

She’s pregnant without nookie. Someone slap her ass and call her Mary…

A ‘guest’ of the Lathar, Jess has become used to being at court, especially as it allows her to be close to a certain tall, handsome healer. But Laarn might as well not know she exists, far more interested in his tests and her genetic code than her as a woman… maybe. A hot encounter after a combat trial prove that Laarn HAS noticed her, more than noticed her. But before they can act on the attraction between them, Laarn is called away to the battlefield leaving Jess all alone at court.

Not wanting to both any of the other healers when she feels unwell, Jess gets treatment from the automated systems in Laarn’s lab, only to get worse days later. She’s pregnant, without a sniff of between the sheets action and worse, there’s a bunch of fanatics loose in the palace trying to kill her and her baby…

He aches to claim her, but saving his people must come first. To do that, he can’t waste time with a female…

Lord Healer for the Lathar, Laarn must find a way to save his people from the plague that claimed all their women a generation ago. Now it speeding up and if he doesn’t do something, the Lathar will be gone in a generation. Salvation arrives in the form of humanity, descendants of a lost Lathar colony, who might just hold the key to reversing the damage to the Lathar genetic code.

His scars mark his rank, but will they also lose him the woman he loves?

Laarn never thought anything of his scars before. In his culture they mark his rank as the best healer in the empire, but he starts to cover them when Jessica, the delicate little human female who holds his interest, won’t look at them. He wants her, but his duty lies elsewhere until everything changes…

Between a pregnancy, mating marks and a fanatic out to kill the woman he loves, can Laarn remain detached enough to do his duty… or will he give into emotion and save his heart?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50