Precious Sacrifice

Preyfinders, #1

Jadd made a colossal mistake and his task as a Preyfinder is his punishment. What he doesn't expect is to become as enthralled with his prey as she is chemically induced to be with him. This was a quick read but left me scratching my head a few times about details that I missed or the author didn't provide. At times I felt left behind, that everyone knew what was going on but me. Perhaps some hints were a little too subtle for me. As a hero I really enjoyed Jadd. He starts out all "one for the team" and ends up totally devoted to Brittany. As in defy anyone to be with her. That's attractive.

Brittany I had a hard time connecting with. She's in mourning for her boyfriend and close to her sister. But initially I thought it was her sister that was deceased. Her sister is also referred to as a brilliant, cool nerd, and shows up in the book displaying those very tendencies; a set up for a following book. The stalker who is to end Brittany (making her eligible as Prey) was a source of confusion for me as well, and the last name variable threw me. I needed more information to seamlessly follow the story and felt that was missing.

The romance was satisfying if chemically induced to begin with. The evolution though was all Jadd and Brittany. I look forward to the second book and hope it answers some questions for me.

Book Blurb for Precious Sacrifice

Jadd is an Igrakk Warrior, honed like the sharpest blade, to kill and to command his men, but his conscience gets in the way. When punishment entails becoming a Preyfinder and trialling the Pet-creating drug on a human called Brittany, he plans to stay calm and do his duty. Until he falls in love.

A Preyfinder is trained to withstand hardship and pain, but Jadd would rather kneel before a firestorm than leave his captive, Brittany, to be stalked and killed. The choice between love and loyalty to his soldier brothers may tear him in two.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.50