Pleasuring the Professor

Liam is hiding from the wreckage of his life. Where better than a remote cabin in the mountains? There he can be miserable and drink himself to death without any witnesses or judgement. He’s comfortably numb until Clarie Lewis, a grad student on a mission, shows up during a blizzard. He can throw her out or entertain himself with her. What’s a little blackmail for sex when you’ve sunk as low as he has?

Clarie has been enamored with Liam as long as she can remember. Too bad she’s never met the man himself until now. He disappoints in a major way, as he’s nothing like she envisioned. He’s verbally abusive and crass and oh so sexy. When he throws out his ultimatum she calls him on it and starts a series of events that will change both their lives.

Ah, the magical vajayjay. Hurt and damaged hero, young and nubile ingenue. Sound familiar? Well, it is, but the author made me like it. Politically incorrect and rude Liam is the quintessential bad boy. As the story progressed we found out just how uncharmed his life really was. And Clarie isn’t as blonde as Liam thinks she is. I loved these two and how they interacted and how the chemistry they generated exploded on the pages. Cheesy and predictable as it was I thoroughly enjoyed it and it will be a book I read again. And that doesn’t happen very often. A guilty pleasure.

Book Blurb for Pleasuring the Professor

Liam Conner was once a literary darling, but now he’s trying to drink himself to death in the seclusion of his mountain cabin. He’s not much interested in sex after the personal tragedy that ended his career, but his libido kicks into high gear when a beautiful blonde shows up in the middle of a snowstorm.

Grad student Clarie Lewis is out to nab an interview with the reclusive subject of her thesis. When Liam throws political correctness to the wind and offers to give her an interview if she’ll sleep with him, she’s not sure whether he’s trying to drive her back out into the snow or if he really is just horny. Both, probably.

Clarie doesn’t need to sleep with anyone for a grade. But she finds herself alone in a remote cabin with a man whose prose she’s been analyzing and appreciating for as long as she can remember. The fact that he’s gorgeous as sin doesn’t hurt either.

Suddenly, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50