Planet X

The bad guy isn’t necessarily always so obvious. On a journey to her intended groom, sight unseen, Krisa has been bought and paid for since she was twelve years old. When a crash strands her on Planet X with a prisoner named Teague, an adventure Krisa never thought to have begins. And Teague is way more than she imagined.

Krisa is a strong woman but innocent and sheltered. As she travels with Teague through the dangerous terrain on Planet X, she learns about herself and Teague as well. Clinging to her certificate of virginity, her assurance of a “civilized” life, she starts to doubt if what she is heading for is what she really wants for herself.

I loved Teague to pieces. He never pretended to be what he wasn’t, and was always honest with Krisa. Krisa, on the other hand, while not dishonest was less than honest with herself. Her fight with her own wishes and desires made for intriguing entertainment.

The story was well paced and the author painted a vivid image of Planet X and all of its' horrors. Krisa chose to trust the wrong people on more than one occasion, but eventually saw Teague as he really was and not how he was portrayed by those who wanted to influence her. Oh, he wasn’t a “good” man but he had reasons for the questionable things he had done.

Thrilling until the end, I was satisfied with the ending and happily envisioned a life of love and adventure for Teague and Krisa.

Book Blurb for Planet X

Krisa Elyison is a bride-to-be—bought and paid for by a stuffy aristocrat. Though she secretly longs for just one adventure all on her own, she knows the reality of her life—she is destined to be the wife of the elderly and pompous Lord Radisson.

Kurt Teague is a prisoner—a galactic criminal wanted for multiple murders. He is also Feral, a proud and savage people known for their indomitable wills to survive and their fiercely possessive natures. His tortured past has turned him into a ruthless killer—an unthinkable fate to the innocent, sheltered Krisa.

Resigned to her destiny, Krisa boards the starship that will take her to another planet and her loveless marriage. In the cargo hold, she stumbles across Teague—so fierce a prisoner he’s blindfolded and chained to a wall. Even so, her heart jumps at the sound of his deep, gravely voice.

When the ship crashes onto an uncharted jungle planet, Krisa has no choice but to trust the menacing convict with both her virginity and her life. Yet, on a world filled with ravenous telepathic beasts and cannibalistic natives…Krisa discovers that the gorgeous and mysterious Teague may be the most dangerous animal of all.

*This book was previously published by Ellorah's Cave*

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.00