Phoenix Rising II

Pleasure Master by Angelique Anjou 3.5

Of the entire anthology, while all good stories, this was my least favorite. The storyline was really intriguing and spooky, but it kind of lost me at the end. I really didn't care for the ending at all.

Debt of Honor by Elizabeth Batten-Carou 4.25

This story really appealed to the helpless female in me. The storyline was classic fantasy fare, but really well written. I thoroughly enjoyed the naughty fairytale ending.

Contact by Jaycee Clark 4.25

This one just freaked me out. It was a great love story, showing several different kinds of love and the choices they force people to make. The moral is a valid one, and certainly showed me to think twice about what I post on the Internet.

Prince of Desire by Donna Grant 4.5

Who can resist a tall dark stranger who rescues you? Isabelle can't, but why can't she? Could it be they are predestined mates? This is the first in a series of four stories. It was a magical love story that wasn't all hearts and flowers, and was hot, too!

Mating Behavior by Mandy M. Roth 4.5

Talk about a lack of communication! This story was really well written, and the escalating tension was awesome. I love the alpha male thing, too. Yum!

Book Blurb for Phoenix Rising II

Pleasure Master by Angelique Anjou (Futuristic Romance): The alien artifact that plows into their newly completed space station contains more than just the 'remains' of a dead alien. Legion is stirring and not even Medical/Science Officer Anya Rambo can resist the golden god, last survivor of an alien race. Debt of Honor by Elizabeth Batten-Carew (BDSM/Contemporary Romance): Angelica couldn't believe that hopping off a plane during a refueling stop to search for one-of-a-kind souvenirs could lead

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.25